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Why pay a professional to install your paver driveway or patio

We’ve all been there – spring arrives and you want to tackle all those outdoor projects; one of which is creating that beautiful paver driveway or patio you’ve always wanted.

The first thing most people do is go online to Pinterest and Houzz to get ideas. You find images of beautiful patios that look amazing and start dreaming of sitting with your feet up relaxing in your own space complete with pavers.

Then comes the next big question, is this a project I need to pay someone else to do or can I attempt to do it on my own?

So you get back online and start reading. First you find the professional companies offering to do the job for you for a price. Deep down, that’s not what you’re looking for so you keep scrolling Google looking for those posts with people encouraging you to tackle the project on your own. Finally, there they are, “Why pay someone so much money to do the job when really you can do it yourself,” they say. “You’ll save money!” It’s simple,” they say. Anyone can it it.

Please don’t be mislead and really look at the project critically and consider some of the following aspects of why it is worth paying a professional to do the job which could save you a lot of money in the future if something goes wrong from your DIY attempts.


You will probably save money buying your materials straight from the distributor but then you need to factor in hauling the materials to the location and moving them to the area that will be worked on. Pavers are not light. A professional installer will not only deliver the pavers to your door but then use large equipment such as a skid-steer to move the pavers to the desired location. Hauling pavers is back-breaking work.

Drainage Issues.

A professional will be able to evaluate the area to see what your potential drainage issues are and through compaction, grading and screeding the area be able to prevent any future drainage issues that run into the foundation of your home


A professional will not only remove any existing concrete surface they will then prepare the ground by laying road mix and compacting it with heavy duty compactors. By doing this the surface is even and will not succumb to uneven sinkage in the future.

Cutting the pavers.

Like when tiling a wall most patios and driveways require cuts to be made in order for each piece to fit exactly. Whether you want a rounded patio or simply the perfect fit on your driveway. A professional will use a heavy duty masonry saw to make each piece fit perfectly.

Freeze thaw factors.

Do you live in an area that experiences a freeze thaw cycle? If so then the pavers have to be laid and compacted in a way that they will expand and keep settled in this type of environment.


Most professionals that lay pavers have some sort of warranty that comes with their work. If something goes wrong or happens after the pavers are laid you will be covered.

So please think twice before you try and tackle your paver project on your own. Get in touch with a professional installer in your area and pay the additional amount to have it done right so it lasts for years to come, it will be well worth the investment.

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