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Preparing your Outdoor Living space for spring

With spring officially here, what better way to usher in the season then preparing and sprucing up your outdoor living space?

Consider the following tips/ideas to get your outdoor space ready for the warm weather:

1. Determine if you have any remodel needs from serious cracks or damage from the winter weather. If you have concrete that has cracked - now is the time to get a paver specialist around to give you a quote on replacing the surface with pavers. Get on their schedule early to have the work done as most contractors get booked for the summer months well in advance.

2. Clean your pavers off. Whether you have ground-in dirt, bird droppings, rust, or grease, try using Techniseal products to get the job done.

3. Clean your grill and cooking areas. Scrub down the grill grates and test run your appliances to make sure all the grill/smoker elements are working properly.

4. Prepare your outdoor furniture by uncovering those that have been covered and cleaning things that have been left out all winter.

5. Consider adding new features such as a pergola, outdoor kitchen, water feature, fire pit or statue to your outdoor living space.

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