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How to choose the right paver for your driveway or patio

Perhaps one of the most rewarding, and daunting, decisions a homeowner has to make once deciding to install pavers is which color(s) and style to install. With so many possibilities of color, size and shape, how do you choose the right one?

You will need to answer a few basic questions to narrow down what will be the best option. How do you intend to use the space? What’s the exterior color of your home? What’s the size of the space?

As a basic rule of thump choose paver colors with similar tones for a coordinated effect. Lighter colors reflect light better and open up your space, while darker tones absorb light to create the opposite effect.

Belgard tells homeowners, "your pavers should harmonize with the tones of your home environment." So for example, choose a paver that is a few shades lighter than your home so that it doesn’t compete with it, allowing the structure to serve as the focal point.

When choosing the shape of paver to use Belgard suggests taking these points into consideration:

For homes with straight lines, geometric pavers in simple patterns will complement them nicely.

For ornate Victorian-style homes, echo the arched windows and doors with your paver patterns.

For rectangular Colonial homes, repeat the look by using brick-shaped pavers

For further pointers on how to choose the best paver for your project check out Belgard's Knowledge Center on their website, or if you are based in Idaho call Cobblestone Construction Inc. for a free consultation.

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